"Practice Regular Charity" Thru Payroll Deduction


Employees Charitable Campaign & Retirees Charitable Campaign

Organization Name                  Agency Number             Website

Aga Khan Foundation USA                  0M560                           www.akdn.org

Amaana Hands                                  0R934                www.amaanahands.org

American Arab Anti Discrimation Committee  0R924                  www.adc.org

Blossom Valley Muslim Community Center  0Q253             www.bvmcc.org

Central Asia Institute                            0N869                         www.ikat.org

Council of Islamic Organizations Greater Chicago 0O800         www.ciogc.org

EDHI Foundation                                0M770           www.edhifoundation.com

Ethiopia Reads                                  0T936                 www.ethiopiareads.org

Ethiopian Community Services                0Q861                 www.ecssanjose.org

Grameen Foundation                             0O965         www.grameenfoundation.org

Helping Hands for Relief & Development  0U013                www.hhrd.org

ICNA Relief                                           0P678                 www.icnarelief.org

Islamic Relief SE Asia                            0M493             www.islamic-relief.com

Islamic Relief Pakistan Quake                0M759             www.islamic-relief.com

Islamic Relief Pacific                               0S445             www.islamic-relief.com

Islamic Relief Pakistan Flood                  0T553             www.islamic-relief.com

Islamic Relief Africa                               0P684              www.islamic-relief.com

Islamic Relief Orphan                            0P685                   www.irusa.org

Islamic Relief Somalia                     0S932            www.irusa.org/countries/somalia

Islamic Relief Worldwide                         0Q361             www.islamic-relief.com

Kinder USA                                     0O580               https://www.kinderusa.org

Malaika Kids USA                      0V359                   www.malaika-kids.us

Maitri                                          0R182, 0L612                 http://maitri.org

Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center   0A333          www.maprc.com

Muslim Community Center Health Clinic      0U139         www.chaicounselors.org

Muslimat Al Nisaa                           0T030                        http://mnisaa.org

Narika                                               0M433                      http://narika.org

Rahima Foundation                          0L657                        www.rahima.org 

Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation       0V460             www.raziasrayofhope.org

Sakhi For South Asian Women           0N240                       www.sakhi.org

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund  0T516                           www.pcrf.net

Umma Community Clinic                    0P987                  www.ummaclinic.org

Women For Women International        0R809        www.womenforwomen.org

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