"Practice Regular Charity" Thru Payroll Deduction

Federal Government Employees and Military

Combined Federal Campaign Federal Government, Postal Service, Military Employees

Organization Name                 Agency Number               Website

Afghan Children War Orphans        15353       www.aschiana-foundation.org

Afghan Health & Development Services 10763           www.ahds.org

American Islamic Congress                12475                 www.aicongress.org

American Near East Refugee Aid      12076                  www.anera.org

East Africa Center Women & Children  12297    www.eastafricancenter.org    

Foundation Hospices SubSaharan Africa 11018      www.fhssa.org

Friends American University Afghanistan 52974      www.friendsofauaf.org

Global Partnership for Afghanistan      89915         www.gpfa.org

Grameen Foundation                         15029     www.grameenfoundation.org

Help The Afghan Children                 10890             www.htac.org

Helping Hand for Relief & Development       79957        www.hhrd.org

Hidaya Foundation                            26914                 www.hidaya.org

Islamic Relief                                    10194                  www.irusa.org

Medicine For Mali                            12171             www.medicineformali.org

Military Religious Freedom Foundation 30187 www.militaryreligiousfreedom.org

Mercy-USA For Aid & Development  10914               www.mercyusa.org

National Council on US Arab Relations 77078             http://ncusar.org

Near East Foundation                              12181        www.neareast.org

Omid Foundation                                 81667        www.omid-e-mehr.org 

Palestine Childrens Relief Fund            10857                www.pcrf.net

Tahirih Justice Center                           11756               www.tahirih.org

Tanzania Education Fund                   73512     www.tanzaniaeducation.org

Turkish Philanthropy Funds                   36506               www.tpfund.org

United Palestinian Appeal                    11346               www.helpupa.com

Unity Productions Foundation               30916               www.upf.tv 

Wegene Ethiopian Foundation          16021                www.wegene.org 

Women For Women International         11311          www.womenforwomen.org


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