"Practice Regular Charity" Thru Payroll Deduction


United Way of Greater Philadelphia & South Jersey

Organization name   Donor Choice Agency No.      Website

Action Africa                                  50749                              www.actionafrica.org

American Refugee Committee     36364                               www.arcrelief.org

African Family Health Organization 48267                 www.afaho.net

Aga Khan Foundation USA             16333                 www.akdn.org

Al Maun Fund                              50926             www.almaunfund.org

American Near East Refugee Aid      36358          www.anera.org

Association of Islamic Charitable Projects    14191             www.aicp.org

Arab Community Center Economic Social Services  27284 www.accesscommunity.org

Arab-American & Chaldean Council            27285            www.myacc.org 

Baabun Nasr, Inc                                         50264           www.baabunnasr.org

Central Asia Institute                     45845                    www.ikat.org

Council on American Islamic Relations California   41148          http://ca.cair.com

Council on American Islamic Relations Philadelphia 51604        http://pa.cair.com

Ethiopian Community Development Council  36558     www.ecdcinternational.org

Ethiopian Community Services                    35492      www.ecsdc.org

Helping Hand for Relief & Development       48393        www.hhrd.org

ICPIC New Africa Center            45907                       www.newafricacenter.com

Islamic American Zakat Foundation            36666          www.iazf.org 

Islamic Center of Rochester                     17748           http://theicr.org

Islamic Relief USA                                    49105          www.irusa.org

Islamic Society of Delaware                     1832             http://www.isdonline.org

Maitri                                                   45504            www.maitri.org   

Masjidullah                                               596             www.masjidullah.org

Moorish Science Temple      15665 www.moorishsciencetempleofamericainc.com

Near East Foundation                              36795        www.neareast.org

Palestinian Childrens Relief Fund              42619        www.pcrf.net 

Philadelphia Arab-American
Community Development
Corporation                               48265                       www.arabamericancdc.org

Power Up Gambia                                  48971         www.powerupgambia.org

Shia Association of North America          3044            www.baitulqayem.org

Tahirih Justice Center                            50220           www.tahirih.org

Universal Community Homes                 14318           www.universalcompanies.org

Universal Institute Charter School           49254       www.universalcompanies.org

Women For Afghan Women                  50159       www.womenforafghanwomen.org

Women For Women International         44911          www.womenforwomen.org

City of Philadelphia Employees Combined Campaign

African Family Health Organization            11-48267                 www.afaho.net

American Near East Refugee Aid          18-0008                   www.anera.org

American Refugee Committee               18-0009                www.arcrelief.org

Association Islamic Charitable Projects 11-14191                 www.aicp.org  

Baabun Nasr, Inc                                  11-50264            www.baabunnasr.org

Council on American Islamic Relations Philadelphia 11-51604       http://pa.cair.com

ICPIC New Africa Center            11-45907               www.newafricacenter.com

Masjidullah                                11-00596                  www.masjidullah.org

Moorish Science Temple         11-15665 www.moorishsciencetempleofamericainc.com

Phila Arab-American Community Development 11-48265 www.arabamericancdc.org

Power Up Gambia                   11-48971              www.powerupgambia.org

Universal Community Homes                 11-14318           www.universalcompanies.org

Universal Institute Charter School          11-49254       www.universalcompanies.org

Women For Women International         18-0072          www.womenforwomen.org

Penn's Way of University of Pennsylvania, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania

Use your United Way of Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Choice, then write in United Way organization names and agency numbers listed under the United Way section above on the pledge form at Section #4 My Community Donation.

 State Employee Combined Appeal

 American Near East Refugee Aid    1000-0005  www.anera.org

American Refugee Committee               1000-0006         www.arcrelief.org

Women For Women International         1000-0047  www.womenforwomen.org

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