"Practice Regular Charity" Thru Payroll Deduction

Washington State

Washington State Combined Fund Drive

Organization Name                   Agency Number       Website

Aga Khan Foundation USA                     0337002               www.akdn.org 

American Near East Refugee Aid             0315595              www.anera.org

American Refugee Committee                  0315886             www.arcrelief.org 

Ayni Education International                     1479631        http://aynieducation.org 

BRAC USA                                            1480525        www.bracusa.org

Central Asia Institute                                 0489208       www.ikat.org 

Ethiopian Community in Seattle                 1481055       www.ecseattle.org

Gambia HELP                                            1476830         http://gambiahelp.org

Islamic Relief                                             1480058              www.irusa.org 

Ivory Coast Medical Relief Team              0483795            www.icmrt.org 

Near East Foundation                                 0463081         www.neareast.org

Refugee Federation Service Center           1478530        www.rfsc.org 

Refugee Womens Alliance                         0315769       www.rewa.org 

Refugee International                                1481814 www.refugeeinternational.org 

Safi School Project                                    1465786       www.safischoolproject.org 

Shrifan Clinic                                            0316063      www.shrifanclinic.org 

Turkish Philantrophy Funds                     1480152       www.tpfund.org

Women For Women International           0315521         www.womenforwomen.org

City of Seattle Employees Combined Charities Campaign

Asian Women & Children Centers                55035      www.awccschools.com

American Near East Refugees Aid                04004       www.anera.org 

Women For Women International                 53162        www.womenforwomen.org

King County Employee Giving Program

American Near East Refugees Aid              3508       www.anera.org

American Refugee Committee                    3506        www.arcrelief.org 

Central Asia Institute                                   9390       www.ikat.org

Eritrean Association Greater Seattle          9723   www.eritreanassociation.org

Ethiopian Community in Seattle                 9627       www.ecseattle.org

Grameen Foundation                                  9639  www.grameenfoundation.org

Islamic Center of Kent                                9552     www.islamiccenterofkent.org

Ivory Coast Medical Relief Team              9106        www.icmrt.org 

Muslim Housing Services                          5718      www.muslim-housing.org

Refugee Womens Alliance                         9746       www.rewa.org 

Refugee International                                3583  www.refugeeinternational.org 

Women For Women International             3576         www.womenforwomen.org

Snohomish County Employees Charitable Campaign

American Near East Refugees Aid                 4050        www.anera.org 


United Way of the Columbia Willamette

May give to any 501(c)3 charity listed at www.guidestar.org

This includes All Oregon Masjids and Muslim Charities, Mercy-USA, Islamic Relief, ICNA, Zaytuna College etc

Just complete "MyChoice" section on pledge form with organization name, address, zip code 


State of Alaska Share Campaign

American Near East Refugee Aid           22320                   www.anera.org 

Near East Foundation                             22358             www.neareast.org 

Refugee International                              22370  www.refugeeinternational.org 

Women For Women International           22383         www.womenforwomen.org

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