"Practice Regular Charity" Thru Payroll Deduction


Indiana State Employees Community Campaign

Organization Name                     Agency Number              Website

Alhuda Foundation                                              669100           www.alhuda.org

American Near East Refugee Aid                         509100            www.anera.org

American Refugee Committee                             31300        www.arcrelief.org

Central Asia Institute                                           624100            www.ikat.org

ISNA Development Foundation                       574300              www.isna.net           

Madrasa Tal-Ilm                                             650700              www.isimti.org 

Malik Maula Baksh Memorial Trust                   660500   

Women For Women International           697800     www.womenforwomen.org  

May give to any 501(c)3 charity listed at www.guidestar.org

This includes All Indiana Masjids and Muslim Charities, Mercy-USA, Hidaya,  Islamic Relief, ICNA, UpliftZaytuna College etc

Just fill in organization name and address at the optional section under "write in" on section 2 of the pledge form.


Michigan State Employees Charitable Campaign

Organization Name          Agency Number                  Website

American Near East Refugee Aid            2505                     www.anera.org

American Refugee Committee                2506              www.arcrelief.org

Arab Center Economic & Social Services   8564      www.accesscommunity.org 

Mercy-USA for Aid & Development         6661                   www.mercyusa.org 

Women For Women International           2549     www.womenforwomen.org

United Way of Southeastern Michigan

Arab Center Economic & Social Services           www.accesscommunity.org 

Arab-American & Chaldean Council             www.myacc.org

 Write in above two organizations name at the designation box, 5th box down under "Please allocate My Contribution in the Following Areas"

United Way University of Michigan

 Arab Center Economic & Social Services           www.accesscommunity.org 

Enter agency name when prompted on ePledge system


Organization Name             Agency Number               Website

Community Shares of Mid Ohio

ASHA Ray of Hope                         60711  (1058)            www.asharayofhope.org

State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign

American Near East Refugee Aid           22005                    www.anera.org

ASHA Ray of Hope                               19063            www.asharayofhope.org

American Refugee Committee         22006        www.arcrelief.org

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services  36575               www.ethiotss.org

Women For Women International           22048     www.womenforwomen.org 

United Way Central Ohio

 Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services     83               www.ethiotss.org

Ohio State University Bucks For Charity

ASHA Ray of Hope                            60711      www.asharayofhope.org

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services  61017               www.ethiotss.org

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